ShoolBell for EPC scheduling? Re: [EuroPython] The layout of EPC

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Thu Oct 7 21:41:34 CEST 2004

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
> then maybe there is a need for more advanced workflows than simply 
> accept / reject as for instance the ability to reorganize talk 
> durations, create new tracks, move talks between tracks, assign talks to 
> new track chairs, delegate the responsibility of accepting talks when 
> track chairs are not responsive enough, etc. If these tasks need to be 
> solved on IRC, then you might as well do the entire talk acceptance 
> process on IRC.

Perhaps something like School Tools "SchoolBell" would be more useful? 
(See ) As far as I see it, it
is scheduling features, not workflow features that we really need for
the track chairs.

Besides, it would be nice to use one of Mark Shuttleworth's initiatives
after that nice talk of his... :) Also, the main school tool developers
were actively taking part of EPC, and I imagine they might help out with 

> I am not sure that the default "publish-in-place" accept/reject workflow 
> of CMF/Plone is sufficient for the task that is needed here.

It seems to me that Plone is designed to publish texts on web sites. 
It's never been intended as a tool for handling business transactions 
such as attendee registrations or scheduling tasks such as planning 
conference talks.

Its workflow system is aimed at the specific purpose of enabling the 
publication of data on a web site, not to enable business transactions 
or conference planning. I guess this is true for all web site content
management systems.

I'm sure Plone can be used to publish such data on a web site, but I
seriously doubt that it's the most suitable tool for talk scheduling or
visitor registration applications.


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