[EuroPython] The layout of EPC

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Fri Oct 8 17:17:23 CEST 2004

Julien Anguenot wrote:

>> I am not sure that the default "publish-in-place" accept/reject 
>> workflow of CMF/Plone is sufficient for the task that is needed here. 
>> Maybe Julien who has worked a lot with advanced workflows in 
>> courierCPS has an idea about how to better solve this?
>> ke t'aware
> Well, the problem is that pluggin "serious" workflows on Plone might 
> take a while. I'm not saying that it's not possible but it doesn't 
> exist yet and I'm not aware of all the problems we might have by 
> changing the current one since I'm not a Plone devel)
> I still don't get why people refuse to check CPS (Zope/CMF based under 
> GPL) which is including 'out of the box' features for coping with that 
> and already running in a lot of larged scaled projet with success.
> Plone is a really nice project providing a lot of good stuffs though.
> Regards,
>     J.
There is a way to do the whole acceptance implementation in CPS3 without 
modifying a single line of code:
It requires in my opinion two roles (tracks reviewer and tracks 
manager). There were only track reviewers last year and this is what 
caused all the problems when presentations had to be moved between 
tracks since no one was then "in charge" for the whole thing.

This is just a draft, but:

- create a CPS document template called 'Presentation' with
  - presentation title
  - presenters name, presenter's picture (optional) ...
  - description
  - attached files ...
  - start time / end time (to be filled by the tracks managers)

- set up the tracks as different 'Sections' in CPS3 (i.e. create as many 
sections as there are tracks)
- give the track chairs the 'Section reviewer' role on their respective 
- give the conference managers the 'Section manager' role on all the tracks

- let speakers create 'Presentation' documents in their home workspace 
and let them publish the presentations into as many tracks as they'd 
wish to appear in.
  (set up a local workflow in the tracks sections so that 
'Presentations' may only be published in tracks and not anywhere in the 
site, that's easy)

- Section reviewers receive an email notification through 
CPSSubscriptions saying that documents are pending in their tracks 
waiting for approval.

- Section reviewers accept / reject the presentation(s)

- When all presentations have been accepted in the tracks, the section 
managers can then set presentation dates and times on documents, move 
presentations between tracks, etc..

- Speakers get informed through CPSSubscriptions whenever their talk get 
accepted / rejected / moved to another track ...
   A same presentation may be accepted by two track chairs in several 
tracks, then the track manager will have to decide in the end which 
tracks it fits the best.

- Use the Calendar box to display the programme of each track  by 
displaying only the presentation published in the respective tracks.

- When the whole process is finished, give the anonymous users the 
'Section reader' role and everyone can have a look at the programme when 
it's ready.

- As regards the layout it can be redone in CPSSkins in a few minutes, 
and be much faster (the response time on my laptop is now down to 0.07- 
0.1s / page with the debug mode on).


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