[EuroPython] Small note

Anna Ravenscroft rev_anna_r at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 17:34:44 CEST 2004

tom wrote:
> Hi,
> I couldn't be at the meeting, last week, so I'm not sure what has been 
> talked about. Is there a place where we can find the summary of it? I 
> wanted to say something on the IRC channel, but now I've to do it here, 
> since it might happen every day from now on.
> Anyway, I just want to note, that I won't be that very active within the 
> next months. I'm sorry about that (some people might be happy now ;-))!
> The thing is that I soon have other things to do... soon I've to behave 
> myself as a responsible.... parent ... so I will be occupied with a 
> little thingy who wants all the attention of the world. (and then there 
> is also the house we want to build)

A baby? Congratulations!

Wow - marriages and babies and everything. How awesome. Us EP folks seem 
to be determined to singlehandedly (grouphandedly?) change the image of 
geeks as anti-social loners...


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