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Magnus Lycka magnus at
Mon Oct 18 20:11:33 CEST 2004

> shapr and I have been announcing our wedding for five years, so another
> occasion to do the same won't hurt - mind you, we could top it by
> inviting a priest and having the _wedding_ there

Considering the cost of a decent wedding, I can imagine why you'd want
to take a free ride on EPC with your wedding party. You're probably 
just saying this to get a lot of wedding presents! ;)

Seriously I agree with Harald that we should use some caution in our
evaluation of the questionaire.

It seems clear that we can draw the conclusion that most of the people 
who filled in the questionaire were happy about the conference, and I 
don't think a lot of people left after half of the conference, or skipped 
the questionaire because they were so pissed off by EPC, so we might even
make the guess that most people who visited the conference were happy
about it. Still, with 127 responses, most people who visited the 
conference didn't hand in any response, and while a *random* sample of
n=127 is decent for a thingie like this, the act of writing and handing
in a questionaire isn't random...

Another thing we *don't* know, is to what extent there were people who 
didn't come to the conference because of one reason or another, what they
think, what could have made them come, and whether the conference had 
been better with them present... Maybe there people who didn't feel 
convinced about the quality because the program appeared to late, or who 
didn't want to travel so far north, or who didn't get sufficiently 
impressed by the web site etc.

I don't know how to get around this problem in a convenient manner, but
we should remember that there is a bias in the questionare, particularly
regarding questions that might have affetced peoples decision to turn up
or not, such as location, program and registration process etc.

That shouldn't prevent us from being happy and proud over EPC 2004, I'm
basically just damaged from being married to a scientist who performs
statistical analyses all day long...

Another interesting thing is to see what things people liked, and what they
didn't like. Just listing the number of excellent minus poor gives the
following list:

65 overall impression
63 conference dinner
55 food
41 well organized program
34 accomodation
30 good talks
24 internet access
10 web site

Even the worst listed aspect has a few more "excellent" than "poor", but 
it's a bit surprising that "overall impression" rated higher than any 
specific factor. I'm no expert in questionaire psychology, maybe someone 
can figure this out. Did we ask the wrong questions? Maybe it's just 
that we didn't have the same scale for all questions?

It's clear that the dinner, food, Chalmers and Göteborg was appreciated, 
but the quality of the talks could probably be somewhat better. (And
the reliability of the PC projector combinations. Actually, I was thinking
that my projector problems might be a good excuse to buy a projector for
my company! :)

It would also be interesting to know why almost 9% though that the internet
connection was poor. Might one guess that these 9% don't have a wireless
network adapter?

Concerning the comments people wrote, it seems we should try to get Mark
come again, and remove the chair for Guido so that he gives his keynote talk 

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