Re: [EuroPython] Europython 2004 feedback results

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Tue Oct 19 23:17:25 CEST 2004

Albertas Agejevas wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 12:51:59AM +0300, Aiste Kesminaite wrote:
> > The amount of nutrition and taste in the food that vegetarians were
> > served was appaling in my opinion.
> I thought it was fine.  Not brilliant, but definitely not appalling.
> Anyway, I wouln't have traded my potato for a piece of meat ;-)

I agree with Albertas. I was a bit surprised over the enthusiasm
over the food, since I thought it was ok but nothing special. (I
also though that the desert was ok but not outstanding, and that 
was the same stuff as all else had. Maybe we veggies are simply 
used to getting superior food? We did get better food than the 
others in Charleroi in 2003... :)

If I remember correctly, they did serve the veggie food fairly 
late, so that the people around you were half finished when I got
to start. But maybe I'm confusing this with some other occation.

I don't understand the comment about bad veggie lunches though.
Maybe the person who wrote that didn't find the veggie buffé in
the left hand corner of the restaurant? It's wasn't Guide Rouge
class, but after all, it's a university cantina...

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