Vegetarian cuisine (was: Re: [EuroPython] Europython 2004 feedback results)

Jacob Hallén jacob at
Wed Oct 20 22:06:44 CEST 2004

onsdagen den 20 oktober 2004 21.50 skrev Magnus Lycka:
> Beatrice Fontaine wrote:
> > But then, as a foot lover,
> Maybe you want pigs' feet for dinner then? :)
> Just because someone rejects to eat meat, it doesn't mean
> that they are professional vegetarian chefs, any more than
> people who avoid veggies as much as they can, are bound to
> experts on steaks etc. I'll pass this on to the food
> preparation professionals, and stick to software.
> It's certainly possible to find good vegetarian food in
> Göteborg. It's a matter of attitude of course, and as a
> seasoned vegetarian, it seems clear that regardless of their
> skills, some chefs seem to see "minority groups" who want a
> different meal as a challenge they want to handle well, and
> other seems to see it as an inconvenience that they try to
> waste as little energy on as possible.
> Personally I don't come to EPC for the food ;) so I don't think
> we should make too much of an effort to fix this. There are
> other things that we need to focus on.
> There *is* filling vegan food by the way...but I don't know if
> there are sufficiently good vegan chefs in Göteborg to satisfy
> all Pythonistas.

When we booked the banquet, we stressed that there would be many vegetarians 
and that they should get food that was as good as for non-vegetarians. I was 
rather displeased when I learned form the feedback forms that vegetarian food 
was not up to par. This will of course have to be corrected.


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