[EuroPython] IRC meeting Tuesday 5 April 18.00 CET

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Fri Apr 1 13:11:51 CEST 2005

Jacob Hallén wrote:
> I would like to hold an IRC meeting on Tuesday 5 April at 18.00 CET.

excellent idea, i'll certainly try tobe there.

> The place is as usual the #europython channel on the freenode network.
> I will distribute an agenda for the meeting before it starts. Hopefully I'll 
> be able to do it Monday.
> There are a number of things that need to be discussed, and I will mention a 
> couple here.
> 1. The lack of volunteers and the absence of active people.
> This has been a problem to the extent that I have considered dropping my work 
> on Europython. However, I have decided that I will continue. I think I can 
> pull something off with the current level of involvement of others, though a 
> lot of things will not get done, and our schedules may slip further.

well, I for one have been waiting to hear what practical issues need to 
be dealt with, thus have been expecting to hear from you about any 
outstanding issues that I can help out with.

Personally I have little to contribute in terms of being track chair, 
but I have no problems helping out with the practical things.

My impression was that you had assumed the role of co-ordinator, so I've 
been waiting for a coordination report and what chores need to be dealt 
with. There has to be a coordinating entity that manages the whole 
picture, it is not possible to manage this any other way.

So far I have been trying to arrange the same space for Sprint and 
Post-Conference Lounge that we had last year, and trying to arrange for 
better net-access in that same area as we had last year. Things look 
bright, so far but no definitive answers yet.

I also have been preparing for the net-access on the conference area but 
I have been waiting for an definitve description of what needs to be 
improved. Like I said last year, there is not much room for improvement 
w.r.t to wired access, nor is it possible to have non-authenticated 

I am working on solutions to the non-wireless problem, but I do not know 
how much of an issue it is to have to *login* to the network as was 
reported from the evaluation. My hopes are that this is a non-issue, but 
then again, people can get very upset about such things...

I appreciate fully that co-ordinating EPC gets in the way of 
pay-for-food-and-rent work and what kind of conflict that may be to have 
to prioritise real work instead of EPC work.

So, if there is a need for it, the I am prepared to step in to help 
out/take care of some the coordination, but not all. I have no real 
contacts in the Python world as some of you guys have, so like I said 
before, I can do very little in terms of track chairing of 
suggesting/prodding possible Keynote speakers and that kind of work.

But I can probably dig up one or two people more so that we may 
coordinate everything else, but in order to do that I need to know that 
there is a need, and that I won't step on someones toes.

> I would like to say that the efforts put in by Laura and Jean-Marc have been 
> fantastic, and some track chairs have been quite responsive, but it takes 
> more people and more engagement if we are to repeat the success of last year.

Indeed. Hear, hear.

> I will do my best to structure the tasks that need doing before the meeting, 
> so that there will be suitable packages for people to grab.



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