[EuroPython] boxes on the front page

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at chalmers.se
Sat Apr 2 11:31:38 CEST 2005


for your information, here is the list of boxes on the front page


- published events are seen under 'Upcoming events'
- published news are seen under 'Latest News'
- latest published documents are seen under 'Latest Site Updates'

Jakob: if you want a news item to appear on the front page, create a
news document and publish it somewhere on the site. If you want to tell
about an upcoming event, create an 'Event' and publish it somewhere on
the site.

this is standard CMF/CPS/Plone behaviour, i.e. documents must be
published before they appear in those boxes.

- Images are set manually

- Internal links to documents (sort of 'Site focus') are set manually


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