[EuroPython] Website things

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Sat Apr 2 15:31:18 CEST 2005

lördag 02 april 2005 10.48 skrev Jean-Marc Orliaguet:
> Jacob Hallén wrote:
> >Hi all.
> >
> >We are now public with the webiste. Information will go out tomorrow.
> >
> >I think I have the talk registration fully working now. Please report any
> > bugs you find. We are also officially open for talk submissions, so if
> > you plan on speaking, please start sending in your stuff.
> >
> >I have found a few problems with the site, and I'm sure there will be more
> > as we move along.
> >
> >The first one is that the search box doesn't seem to work.
> yes it does, it's just that you have published only 1 document so far
> called 'Venue'

Ahh, this must have been done without me noticing. How do I publish something? 
I can't find a box to click in that says "Publish".

> >The second one is that the banner ad alternates between the Strakt banner
> > and one which is a box saying "Full banner". Please get rid of this and
> > add the banners of other sponsoring organisations.
> which are?? I have asked several times about banners and received none.

Yes, this is not your fault. I don't know who supplies the Chalmers one,or the 
Amaze one. They should submit their stuff.

> >Third, I don't know how to affect the "latest site changes" box. It would
> > be nice to be able to control what goes into it.
> publish a document and it will be displayed in it.

Ok, we will see how this works for us. In general I'm sceptical about 
mechanising the contents of our front page, but it may work out that this is 

> >Fourth, I would like the date and place to be in a stronger font
> > (equivalent to an <h4> heading.
> ok
> >Fifth, I wonder how the images of the day are swapped around. I have
> > plenty more images that we could be showing.
> send them

Ok, will do.

> >Sixth, the "Contact Information" at the bottom of the page is not a link.
> > It probably should be.
> a link to what?

I suppose to a web page where we can enter contact information. If we are 
consistent in our approach, the CMS provides "holes" for us to put 
information in, which we then fill in. Having a general procedure where we do 
this, and then an exception where we are supposed to provide the information 
first, and then the hole to put it in is created afterwards is quite 

In any case, having the words "CONTACT INFORMATION" at the bottom of the page, 
without it linking to anything is probably rather irritating to a visitor to 
the site, and we should do something about it.

I don't know exactly what contact information to put in the page. People are 
sensitive about giving out their email addresses these days, though I would 
like to make it possible for people to contact the track chairs. I'm going to 
bring up the subject on Tuesday.


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