[EuroPython] Dates for sprinting

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Sat Apr 2 23:03:24 CEST 2005

Hello all,

it is time to decide days for sprinting, before and after the 
conference. I am working on aquiring last years sprinting and 
post-conference area again, but I need dates.

My initial suggestion is to secure the space for approximately two 
weeks, from monday 20/6 to sunday 4/7, but we probably can 
increase-decrease the dates (i.e. we can extend it some day and or delay 
it some days).

I am also working on having somewhat improved network in the sprinting 
area, meaning that we can use the existing infrastructure to provide 
cabled net access for the sprint area, with possibel extension to some 
of the adjascent(sp?) rooms.

However this means that we need to bring cables and network equipmenat 
ourselves, and my plan is to coordinate. If we cannot arrange to bring 
network equipment, we can fallback on last years wireless solution.

I am also looking into improving the coffee availability by borrowing 
some brewers, and I am looking for sponsors of caffeinated and other 
beverages. Any company representatives willing to step forward?

Finally I will notbe able to participate fully this year as I did last 
year - apart from work, the Swedish Linux Society is having their IRL 
meeting the weekend following EPC, so I will be abscent at times.

This means that in order to carry this out I need a bunch of volunteers 
to help out with practical and logistical (ie helping out with cleaning, 
and stuff) issues when the sprinting happens.

So, what are peoples plans? I need to know by approximate wednesday at 
the *latest* some rough estimates to give to my boss (he makes the 
negotiating for me :-).



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