[EuroPython] Website things

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Sun Apr 3 18:49:54 CEST 2005

lördag 02 april 2005 15.56 skrev Jean-Marc Orliaguet:
> >Ahh, this must have been done without me noticing. How do I publish
> > something? I can't find a box to click in that says "Publish".
> Hi, it's the 'submit' button
> http://www.medic.chalmers.se/~jmo/ep2005/content.html
> just create something in a workspace and  publish it in one of the
> sections. That's the "normal" workflow.

Well, we abandoned this workflow months ago, since it made it very difficult 
for us to collaborate on things. We couldn't find a way that allowed 
everybody involved to edit the same things, and we couldn't figure out how to 
make common workspaces. Also, it was difficult to see how the different 
pieces of work would fit together while you were working on them.

For these reasons, we have built everything "in place". And now there does not 
seem to be a procedure for making the different parts marked as "published".

This seems to be a hole in the workflow to me, if you can paint yourself into 
a corner like this. You may also consider if the workflow is adapted to the 
way people actually want to work. It didn't fit the mental model that Laura 
and I had when we were doing the job.


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