[EuroPython] Netintact sponsorship of EuroPython.

Tobias Rundström tobias at netintact.se
Tue Apr 5 15:16:01 CEST 2005

> Hello,
> first of all, apologies for net getting back to you previously. We are 
> in the process of finalising most of the details of the conference and 
> have been busy with this and "In Real Life"-work, and we just missed to 
> respond properly.

Thank you for your response.

> We are of course delighted to have you as sponsors of EuroPython 2005, 
> however we have not yet decide on what levels of Sponsorship we are 
> going to offer nor what the pricing will be; this whould be decided at 
> the latest by the end of this week, and I will get back to you as soon 
> as it happens.

Very good.

> Nevertheless, to help with preparations, we can provide information on 
> what *is* available.
> You mention that you need a room. Do you need a separate room to use for 
>  customer meetings or do you mean that you intened to hold a 
> talsk/session? If the former, what days do you wish to have acess to it?

I would like to have a session about our specific apis at the same time. 
This will have to be a closed session for our customers since most of 
the API calls are under NDA. One of the days. Maybe the second? Since I 
have not invited my customers yet I can say any day.

> I must mention that we are not certain we may be able to aquire a 
> separate room, but we will most cerntainly look in what possiblities we 
> have and get back to you ASAP.

Please do.

> To get the name displayed in the Website and Printed Material is no 
> problem. We have already a banner exposure and rotation system in place 
> that you can see in action right now if you go to www.europython.org.
> We offer two options:
> Top banners:
> -------------------
> * exposure: displayed on every page, randomly rotating
> * Size: 468x60
> * required information:
>   - a link to a site (url)
>   - the name of the company
>   - a short text description (for search engine, e.g. google,
>     etc and for the textbased version of the site)
> Online banners:
> ------------------------
> * exposure: on 1 or several folders of the site.
> * Size: 160x320
> * required information:
>   - a link to a site (url)
>   - the name of the company
>   - a short text description (see top banners)
>   - the folder in the site where it should be displayed
> * example: http://www.europython.org/sections/accomodation/cheap_hotels
> Accepted image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF
> Please take care to keep file sizes small, index the image if possible.
> Banners should be sent to jmo at ita.chalmers.se for insertion in the site.
> The specifications for an advert to appear in the printed material are 
> not yet set since we are working on them at the moment. When these are 
> set, we will notify you.
> Sending 4 people to the conference should be no problem. If you prefer, 
> we are willing to discuss their participation as part of the sponsorship 
> agreement.

Sounds, good. Lets hold of with the banner until I have the full package 
of what I want to do and have to give.

> Lastly, I am not sure I understand what you mean by selling tickets to 
> your customers. Normally, interested people register themselves on the 
> web-based registration system. Do you mean that you, for your customers, 
> wish to provide other options for registreation that are managed by you? 
> If you provide more info we can work something out.

I would like to care of my customers regestration and forward them to 
you. We will probably do a package where EP is one of the components in 
the Package.

> If you have any more questions, or if you feel something is unclear you 
> are welcome to contact me again, either by mail (dario at ita.chalmers.se) 
> or by telephone (+46 31 772 8674).

The actionlist seems like:

Get back to me on a price/commitment for all the following:
Local for 2 hours during one of the days.
Four persons attending.
Logo on homepage (alternative 2)
Some kind of regestration procedure..

-- Tobias

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