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yeah, SoftwarePatents are evil. And you are right:

I personally don't want to hear more preaching to the choir about the
> evils of software patterns; as a talk, yes, but as a keynote, please no.
> Something inspirational is needed, not something depressing...

a keynote would be preaching to the choir. Maybe we can have some 
"preconference gathering" and having a press conference, where we formulate 
a statement against Software Patents. That would be publishable at least in 
Goetheborg press community, and the usual suspects.

Doing that with another organization, on every conference we have some 
"public statement", which gives journalists a headline. "xxx people from yyy 
countrys come together to discuss and learn zzz. In their pressconference on 
%d.%m.%Y they %(public_statemen)s ...."


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