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I plan to use the following as promotinal material. I can't use the 
text, because it is copyrighted material, but we can make references to ir.

This is a very rough translation. I cheated and used systran e-services
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"engrisch", but i did a quick correction of the most ambiguous parts...

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Python, what a cool system
2005-04-15 03:00 Sometime you get impressed. I was on the Linux-expo in
Paris and went to a demonstration in order to learn more about Zope. It
is a grandiose framework for webbapplications, even for demanding ones.

Zope is open source code and has existed since the end of the nineties.
The scope of Zope is actually bigger than webapplications. It is
intended for systems for publication of items, of which webpages are a
special case. It also contains web services.

The most impressive subsystem was CPS, Collaborative Portal server. The
speaker initiated the section about CPS with that he intended to build a
webaaplication for managing conferences. It would handle speakers and
visitors, programmes, hotels and restaurants. Presskommuniques would be
disseminated with rss. The content must be editable in real time with
proper authentication and authorization control and in four languages.

Did I forget something? Yes, he was going to do this in a hour and
without programming a single line!

“Was there none to stop him? ”, exclaimed my colleague of many years
when I told about it. “Will he take the bread from our mouths?”`(swedish
saying, meaning "will he take our work from us"). Best to add that he
was joking.

And certainly, during a hour we could see the application to trnasgress
from thought to operational skeleton. CPS contains sophisticated
building blocks that make this possible. The graphical design was also
block like from the start. But with the addition of CPSSkins one could
without effort choose an entire different layout. Now it looked
[visually] designed, albeit not very original.

The is always a new level of productivity. An interesting thing with
Zope is that it is a very big system built entirely in Python. It should
not be possible to run such a big project as Zope as open source code.
Specially not with so big aspirations [goals]. It should be possible to
such a big system in a loosely typet language as Python. Or should it?
Sometimes, you may have to rethink some things.

The new generation of programming languages, as Python and Ruby, are
clearly rather more productive than Java or C#. The productivity for the
end user of a system is connected to the productivity of the programmer
that has developed the system, of that I am conviced.

Of: Håkan Söderström
systems developer on Söderström Programverkstad.
You can reach him on utvecklaren at idg.se.



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