[EuroPython] Help testing web

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Sat Apr 16 05:19:59 CEST 2005

After a lovely 12 hour debugging session, I have a working procedure for 
registration and payments. I also think the proxying problem is fixed. There 
is still some cleanup to do, and the multiple payment handling is not 
implemented yet.

However, things are ready for a first round of testing on the test server.

I'm happy for the reporting of any problems you encounter, and any suggestions 
for how to improve the user experience.

Testing starts at http://www.python-in-business.org/test/. You can both test 
entering talks and registering for the conference.

You can also test updating talks/speaker info through

When you test credit card payment, the VISA number 4111111111111111, with any 
security code and expiry date should work.

Some things, I know are not ideal, but are not easy to change:

- I don't have a widget that makeswill allow people to put a number in front 
of T-shirt orders. Making one, or building the form from smaller building 
blocks would take more time than I have available to spend right now.

- There is an extra page to go through on the way to paying by credit card. 
This is necessary for the interfacing with our database. Jumping off-site in 
the same operation that we store things into the database causes problems.

One thing that I will try to change is the presentation of accomodation in the 
invoice/credit card summary. It now says 1 for number of items and a sum that 
is the product of price per night and number of nights. It should say number 
of nights for number of items and the per night figure.

There will also be more text on the invoices and a printable invoice after the 
credit card payment.


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