[EuroPython] Meeting today, Tuesday 19 April + report

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Tue Apr 19 07:58:59 CEST 2005

Jacob Hallen wrote:

> I would also like to have a discussion about what more we can do to improve 
> the website.

the singel one thing I am missing from the website is information. I 
amnot aware that there are any thecnicla problems, apart from the 
difficulties in obtaining information.

* ie: I just realised that on the page 

says at the top that registration opens second half of april, and at the 
bottom it says second half of march.

I will behappy to go in myself and correct things if I knew what was the 
correct dates. I assume that we now are talking second half of april...

* There still is no contact information.

* I suggest the followinng changes to the front page layout:

	- Move the who and why seciotns to the left, below the what. THese are 
really static and use up prime space on the page.

	- Move up the highlights to the place where who and why used to be.

	- remove one of the "image of the day" boxes (i'd say remove them 
altogether and blend them with the content instead, but whatever and 
replace it with a box listing the various dates we have (for 
ergistration, for talk submission, etc, etc).

Also, I'd like to get more than one (1) response (Harald was the only 
one to respond) to my call for comments on the sponsorship. If not, I 
will assume that no one had any objections to them and will go forward 
with them.

I specifically need Jakob to chime in on the sponsirng issue, because I 
need to know if the money fits in the budget or not.

Pretty please?


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