[EuroPython] Invitation for EuroPython Conference 2005

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Apr 21 15:29:26 CEST 2005

Dear all,

this is the text that I have used when talking to sponsors. I plan on 
puttint this up at the Website RSN, as soon as I get hold of Jean-Marc.

In the meanwhile, I send it to the list, in the hopes that you will help 
me spread the word.

A good thing is that if we get at least 3-4 exhibitors (or probably 5-5 
if we are going to reduce the fees for parties of more than X people) 
then we may be able to afford to rent a really large space for 
exhibition and trade show area. It would mean a big boost for mingling, 
since we do no need to roam around the corridors any more, as we did 
last year.

But, this is dependant on getting exhibiting sponsors, and no 
cimmitement is made yet. So spread the word!



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The EuroPython Conference 2005 Invites Sponsors

    The EuroPython Conference is looking for interested companies to support and
    sponsor the EuroPython Conference of 2005. The EuroPython Conference is
    being run with the help of volunteers and we invite companies using Python
    or with interests in Python development to sponsor the event. Any
    contribution, no matter how small, is appreciated.

    You can support the EuroPython Conference by participating in the Trade Show
    or by becoming an Official EuroPython Sponsor. We can also offer customised
    solutions and are always open to alternate solutions.

Trade Show

    You can participate in the Trade Show. This means that you have access to a
    small space to promote your company. This includes the following:

        o a desk, a chair and 2 meters of wall space.
        o one electric outlet (same standard as in Germany, the Netherlands etc)
        o access to the wireless network.


        At least one member of your organisation must be attending the
        conference, but you may staff your booth with non attendees.

        You are required to keep your booth manned during the "trade show". This
        will take place for a period of 6 hours. Lunch break, afternoon session
        and an hour or so after the end of the conference day, depending on
        public interest.

        You can have your booth up manned or unmanned the rest of the time - it
        is up to each company to decide.


        You are not insured by the conference.


        250 Euros, excluding conference attendance fees.

Sponsorhip Agreement

    You can become a sponsor of the conference. The following options are

    Gold sponsor

        o Your name/link on the website
        o An ad in the conference program
        o A streamer in each conference room
        o A streamer in the entrance
        o A 15 minute talk before one of the keynotes

        Cost: 2000 Euro


        o Your name/link on the website
        o An ad in the conference program
        o A streamer in each conference room

        Cost: 500 Euro


        o Your name/link on the website
        o An advert in the conference program

        Cost: 100 Euro for each advert

    Organising sponsor

        o Your name/link on the website
        o An ad in the conference program
        o A streamer in the entrance
        o A seminar room for 2 hours
        o Double exhibition space for free

        Cost: At least 5 man days of work effort

    Special sponsor - Negotiable

        If you have an offer or an idea which is of mutual benefit, we are ready
        to hear it. Please contact the Europython organisers.

Other Arrangements

    We are open to ideas and special arrangements if desired. We do offer some
    pre-defined special packages.

    Private Seminar Rooms

        You can rent your own seminar room for demonstrations, private seminars,
        job interviews etc.

        Cost: 100 Euros per hour (Evening hours cost more. Ask for an offer.)

    Increased Presence on the Show Floor

        You can rent more space and equipment on the show floor. Prices are
        close to "at cost". Contact us for an offer.

    Special Events

        If you want to put on a special event, please contact the Europython
        organisers for discussion and planning.

Dates and Deadlines

    For planning purposes we need your decision to participate no later than at
    the end of May 2005.

    Any participants joining after this date will be accepted only if they can
    be accomodated. Depending on the amount of work required we may charge
    latecomers an administrative fee of 100 Euros for extra work required.

Technical Data

    Website Banners

        The following technical data is required for banners submitted for
        exposure on the website. There are two formats for banners that we you
        can use, Top Banners and Online Banners.

        Top Banners

            Size: 468x60 pixels

            Exposure: displayed on every page, randomly rotating

        Online Banners:

            Size: 160x320 pixels

            Exposure: on one or several folders of the site.

            Example of Online Banner:


        Common requirements for both Banner types

            o A link to a site (url)
            o The name of the company
            o A short text description (for search engines e.g. google,
              etc and for the textbased version of the site)
            o Accepted image formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF
            o Please take care to keep file sizes small, index the image if
              possible. We reserve the right to process the images to reduce
              download size (does not affect display size).

            Additional information for Online Banners only

                o The folder/path in the site where it should be displayed
                  (Possibly limited by technical constraints. Please
                   contact us to verify availability of desired path.)

    Adverts to appear in the Programme

        As last year, this year's Conference Programme will not have a pre-
        printed programme - instead we will offer a Print-Yourself Programme
        available on-line.


            o 90x125 mm (that is 90 mm tall and 125 mm wide) is the optimal

            We can receive other sizes, but  may have to scale or crop the ad to
            make it fit, with unknown consequences for resolution and outcome.
            Please contact us if you have special requirements for advert space
            (ie you wish to have


            o Preferred formats are JPEG and PNG.
            o EPS, GIF, TIFF will work as well.


            o Resolution should be no less than 300 px/square inch
              and not more than 600 px/square inch.


            Adverts are intended to be printed and should have the proper
            resolution. Images intended for websites do not have a resolution
            suitable for printing; using images intended for websites will
            result in inferior output quality.

    Submitting material

        Banners should be sent to jmo at ita.chalmers.se for insertion in the site.

        Banners are usually inserted within 24 hours of submission, but may take
        a short while longer to appear, depending on workload.

        Adverts for the programme should be sent to jacob at strakt.com for
        insertion in the programme.

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