Re: [EuroPython] Talk submittal software broken

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Fri Apr 29 14:56:46 CEST 2005

I've had similar problems and I suspect it's a time-out problem. 

I did the following to get my talk registered:

I went back to the forms via the "Back" arrow in the web browser,
so that I could copy the texts that I wrote.

I placed the texts (title, short descr, long descr, email, name, 
bio) in a text editor window.

I started all over from the beginning (the menues) with the talk
registration process. (Just backing and re-submitting didn't work.)

Then I just copied the chunks of text from the text editor, one at
a time, and pasted them into the web browser forms and pressed submit.

That worked. Another option to get the texts to stick might be to 
write some short dummy texts and submit them, and then update them
afterwards with more complete texts. Just remember to type your
email address correctly, otherwise you won't be able to update your

I think it's important that this gets fixed properly as soon as
possible. Pending a fix, I suggest some kind of notice on the web
site, either that we suggest that people wait, and extent the talk
submission limit, or that we either suggest an workaround as above
or that people just mail the track chairs (or try both).

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