[EuroPython] EPC 2006

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Wed Dec 14 17:41:16 CET 2005

Stefane Fermigier <sf at nuxeo.com> writes:

> Hi guys and gals,
> this list is quite quite (?),

"quiet", and yes.

> I'm wondering if there is some underground activity regarding the
> preparation of EuroPython 2006.

I don't know.  There's been some talking here and there but if it's
still happening I've lost touch of it again.

> I'd like to make a short personal comment: I had a great time this year
> in Göteborg this year, and enjoyed the talks a lot. But I was a bit
> disappointed by two points:
> - there were less people than the previous year

Yes.  But it seems that every time the conference has stayed put,
attendance has dropped (sample size of 2, i know, but...).  I think
Gtbg 1 was the busiest EP.

> - almost everybody at the conference was also a speaker

You say this like it was a bad thing! :)

This fact changes the conference financially and organisationally, to
be sure, but you'll have to talk very fast to convince me that this
level of participation is unfortunate...

> - almost everybody had already been there at the previous EPCs
> (OK, that's three points, but they are somehow related.)
> In other words, we were preaching the converted.
> For EPC2006, do you believe that it would be possible to make more noise
> and more buzz before the conference,

Yes.  Takes effort and time, though.

> to try to recruit speakers and non-speakers outside the usual
> circles, and overall try to get more exposure for the conference
> than last year ?

Obviously these would all be good things.

> I think that, like we did for the first EPC (IIRC), we should issue a
> press release before the end of the year.

Well, that's fairly soon now.  Do you want to write it? :)


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