[EuroPython] Troble working with the website

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Tue Feb 1 21:51:26 CET 2005


I have been trying to add some of our old contents to the new site, and I have 
a few problems.

1. I can't add to the general structure. I probably don't have privileges 
enough. Do I need to make any modifications to the general structire or will 
jmo and others handle that?

2. When I make a "Flexible Document", and try to make it lik to an Image, in 
the same directory, it doesn't. I know you can have an image as a part of the 
document, but that has its own problems. You can only have a few text/image 
sections in one document, and I ran out. Is this because my images are not 
published, or due to some other problem?

3. What is the planned workflow of the site? Do I write things in my own 
directory and then publish them? If so, will others be able to modify my 
writings? This is necessary, for things to work smoothly. All the core 
organsiers should be able to edit anything on the site.


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