[EuroPython] [Please read and respond!] We have an EPC 2006 host and organiser

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Thu Feb 3 16:28:15 CET 2005

Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
> Hello people,
> now that EPC 2005 is rolling and all sorts of practical details are 
> being taken care of, I would like draw your attention to EPC 2006. Yes, 
> that's next years EPC.
> There is a proposal discussed off and on the list, that EPC 2006 be 
> hosted by CERN. There is a bunch of enthusiasts at CERN that are very, 
> very interested in hosting a EuroPython Conference, and 2006 is the best 
> candidate year for them.
> ...
> What they now need is a "Go!" decision from the EPC Community, and they 
> need it this week (I know, 2 days to go).

Go! ... (That was it ? ... I wish everything would be that easy ;-)

> *Therefore, I would like request that those who support this reply to 
> the list as soon as possible.*
> This is a great opportunity to get even more great publicity for Python, 
>  not to mention that I think it would be really really cool and nice to 
> go to CERN to attend EPC 2006.
> Please respond ASAP to the list with your thoughts.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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