[EuroPython] Trouble working with the website

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Feb 3 20:31:47 CET 2005

Jacob Hallén wrote:

>I tried coying stuff from my folders to the common workspace, but I can't seem 
>to find a way to do this. Do I have to build the objects from scratch again? 
>I managed to make links to the objects in my workspace, but then it looks as 
>if you can't edit the object through the link, which is not what I wanted.
what you do is that you publish them under /sections/location or 
whatever .. by doing copy and paste (as it seems you've done already in 
) this is the equivalent of publishing them all at the same time. The 
documents are then in the published state.

then you can move the work document from your home folder to the common 
workspace. By doing cut and paste.- ( if you do copy and paste you will 
create  *new* copies -- which is not what you want.) So do cut them 
before pasting them.

I've changed the default folder view to show 'folder contents'

>Another thing I don't quite understand is where material goes, and how it 
>should be named. I had assumed that in the "Accomodation folder, we would put 
>an Object called "Europython special accomodation". Now there is a folder 
>called "Europython special accomodation", so my guess is that we put 
>something inside that folder. However, I don't know what type of object that 
>should be or what it should be called.
folders make sense if there is more than one document in them. Otherwise 
publishing a document in the  parent folder is simpler way of achieving 
the same thing. There is no equivalent of the "folder" where you add an 
"index_html" as in Plone.

It could be than some folders are redundant. We can remove them afterwards.

>My third problem is that I can't find where the texts for the first page are 
>located. I intended to make a stab at replacing the fake texts with some real 

These are portlets, so you have to use the portlet editor. If you've got 
the text that should go in them I can replace them now,

regards /JM

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