[EuroPython] decorating folders

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Fri Feb 4 11:20:21 CET 2005


Then when it comes to folders containing published documents, they 
should be decorated and not simply list folder contents since this 
function is already fulfilled by the navigation menu on the left and 
because when you navigate on a website you don't want to see folder 
listings as on your hard drive or as on an ftp server..

right now we have a site structure with 25 sections with a title and a 
description for each of them, what is missing is the text describing the 
content of each folder.

this animation shows how to add some text. but you can also add photos, etc.

the whole idea is to move from a document repository to a website that 
is easy to navigate. So the rule of the thumb is: if you are creating a 
page that contains other pages, create a sections (blue tabs) and 
publish documents in them, then decorate them ('edit') and the menu on 
the left will fulfill the "folder listing" function.
If the page that you are creating contains no other sub-pages then just 
publish it in a section.


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