[EuroPython] [Please read and respond!] We have an EPC 2006 host and organiser

Benedikt Hegner benedikt.hegner at cern.ch
Sat Feb 5 20:44:43 CET 2005


to answer Laura´s question I will give you two names of the team.

- Michael Doran is responsible for Technology Transfer, Strategy & 
Planning. He is responsible for or involved in most of the conferences 
held at CERN. The last bigger one was: http://rsis.web.cern.ch/rsis/ . 
In his mind europython is a relatively small and easy to organize 
- For several years Andreas Pfeiffer was member of the organizing 
committee of the CERN School of Computing.

There are a lot more people supporting us which are quite experienced 
in organizing conferences and bigger events. And what about myself? I 
was responsible for several smaller interdisciplinary conferences and 
seminars in Germany with up to 100 people. So the size of europython is 
new for me.

Since I have all our meeting notes in my office I couldn't prepare an 
extensive proposal which covers all points. Here is a short list of the 
most important points. A real proposal will follow if there is 
interest. Please let me know.


Conference Rooms
The conference will be mainly in CERN Bldg. 40
4 auditoriums for parallel sessions
1 auditorium for plenary sessions
several meeting rooms for 20-40 people

each room has at least one beamer
auditoriums equipped for videoconferencing

Computer infrastructure
Every room has network outlets for 100MBit and sometimes 1GBit.
WLAN in the hole area
Conference printers
Support from local IT division (equipment)

Local transportation
Geneve main station <-> CERN: 25 minutes by bus (about 2,30 SFr)
Airport <-> CERN: about 30 - 35 minutes by bus.
There is the idea to arrange a shuttle service from some hotels to CERN

Social activities
You have the possibility to go to Geneva or to enjoy the countryside
around. The Jura Mountains are not far away. For sports we have one
football and one rugby field available at CERN.

Sprint space
We will have sprint space available from one week before the conference.

CERN Specials
Visit one of the biggest research institutes in the world and _the_ 
institute for high energy physics
We will arrange special introductions for you to learn more about high
energy physics and the role of CERN in this business
Excursions to experiment areas

There is a list of Hotels that offer special prices for CERN visitors 
and the prices range from 100 CHF for one person and 135 CHF for two, 
up to around 300 CHF for two persons, depending on the hotel (several 
of the hotels, even the cheaper ones, offer breakfast included).
For students/ academic staff there are hostels on CERN area: 55 CHF/ 
night . Maybe we can arrange something for non students.

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