[EuroPython] Menu structure

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 11:00:43 CET 2005

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
> this is right, Squid won't work either since the site is using cookies 
> and the authenticated pages have the same addresses as the anonymous 
> pages. However I am convinced that some sort of mirroring with ZEO would 
> speed up the access for conference attendees.

My point is that this site is simple enough that it should not need 
caching. We're not talking about thousands of logged-in users and 
gigabytes of content...

Probably a good idea to find out whether it's memory shortage or 
processor hogging that's causing the delay.

In either case, find out what's taking up so much resource ;-)


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