[EuroPython] Banners and Google

Stefano Masini stefano at pragma2000.com
Tue Feb 8 16:12:51 CET 2005

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

> Stefano Masini wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be usefull to have a "Links" section, where all the 
>> banners of all the sponsors are shown?
>> This way we would give Google a better chance to correctly index the 
>> europython website, I think. I'm not sure whether server-side rotating 
>> banners present a fair view to Google. It probably is limited to the 
>> banner that is shown when the spidering happens.


> Would it make sense for Google to index image ads throughout the site 
> instead of having all of them gathered on a same page? The top banner is 
> rotating indeed, but there is also a space reserved under "Sponsors:" 
> (left-column -bottom) for local banners, that are not rotating and that 
> are different depending on the page that visitors are looking at.
> So you can have Sponsor1 in "Tracks", Sponsor2 and Sponsor3 in "Events", 
> Sponsor4 in "Events keynotes", etc.... These are just portlets located 
> in different folders and at any place you can choose to override those 
> located "above" in the site structure. There can be 1 or 10 ads per page 
> or whatever.
> It is also possible to gather all image ads on a same page but their 
> visibility will be higher if they are spread across the entire site I 
> guess.. Also it makes it possible to associate ads to a context.

Hello Jean-Marc,

unfortunately Google does not work this way. It is true that the 
spider takes into consideration all the pages of the web site, but 
then each one gets ranked differently. For example, the home page of 
Europython 2004 is ranked 8/10 (which is a remarkable ranking, I 
should point out), but the "Attending" section is 7/10 and the 
talkMatrix, weird enough, is not even ranked.

Therefore, if we want to give proper credit to the sponsors, they 
should all be listed in the home page, so that their websites are 
linked from a rank 8 web *page* (not site). Google seems to like this 
kind of links very much.

I propose to leave the site the way it is, and simply adding a portlet 
in the homepage. Something like this:

www.foo.com, bla bla
www.bar.com, how nice
www.my.com, this web site
www.web.com, is so nice
www.site.com, you see

Maybe even as the very last of the portlets. It doesn not have to be 
for humans, but for robots. It only needs to present a list of links, 
together with a 2 or 3 words payoff.

I think this is important for effective sponsoring. After all, search 
engine ranking is what matters in marketing nowadays.

Let me know what you guys think/know about it.


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