[EuroPython] Banners and Google

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Thu Feb 10 00:59:32 CET 2005

Stefano Masini wrote:

> Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
>> Stefano Masini wrote:
>>> Wouldn't it be usefull to have a "Links" section, where all the 
>>> banners of all the sponsors are shown?
>>> This way we would give Google a better chance to correctly index the 
>>> europython website, I think. I'm not sure whether server-side 
>>> rotating banners present a fair view to Google. It probably is 
>>> limited to the banner that is shown when the spidering happens.
> [...]
>> Would it make sense for Google to index image ads throughout the site 
>> instead of having all of them gathered on a same page? The top banner 
>> is rotating indeed, but there is also a space reserved under 
>> "Sponsors:" (left-column -bottom) for local banners, that are not 
>> rotating and that are different depending on the page that visitors 
>> are looking at.
>> So you can have Sponsor1 in "Tracks", Sponsor2 and Sponsor3 in 
>> "Events", Sponsor4 in "Events keynotes", etc.... These are just 
>> portlets located in different folders and at any place you can choose 
>> to override those located "above" in the site structure. There can be 
>> 1 or 10 ads per page or whatever.
>> It is also possible to gather all image ads on a same page but their 
>> visibility will be higher if they are spread across the entire site I 
>> guess.. Also it makes it possible to associate ads to a context.
> Hello Jean-Marc,
> unfortunately Google does not work this way. It is true that the 
> spider takes into consideration all the pages of the web site, but 
> then each one gets ranked differently. For example, the home page of 
> Europython 2004 is ranked 8/10 (which is a remarkable ranking, I 
> should point out), but the "Attending" section is 7/10 and the 
> talkMatrix, weird enough, is not even ranked.
> Therefore, if we want to give proper credit to the sponsors, they 
> should all be listed in the home page, so that their websites are 
> linked from a rank 8 web *page* (not site). Google seems to like this 
> kind of links very much.
> I propose to leave the site the way it is, and simply adding a portlet 
> in the homepage. Something like this:
> Sponsors:
> www.foo.com, bla bla
> www.bar.com, how nice
> www.my.com, this web site
> www.web.com, is so nice
> www.site.com, you see
> ...
> Maybe even as the very last of the portlets. It doesn not have to be 
> for humans, but for robots. It only needs to present a list of links, 
> together with a 2 or 3 words payoff.
> I think this is important for effective sponsoring. After all, search 
> engine ranking is what matters in marketing nowadays.
> Let me know what you guys think/know about it.
> ciao,
> stefano


it is possible to add the links on the front-page and hide them with 
some CSS markup which won't make any difference for robots.

But when it comes to humans, having links at the bottom of a page all 
gathered in a same area is not as good an idea as for robots. I think 
that I totally ignored the links on EP 2004 because I had no reason to 
scroll down the page. Had the image ads been shown individually at 
different places on the site I probably would have noticed them.

So I can agree that linking from a 8/10 ranking page is important -- it 
means more incoming traffic -- at least if the visitors actually see the 
links. Then maybe a page that does not get ranked at google will 
generate a lot of traffic inside the site, so it is a matter of balance.

Where can you see the rank of a page/site on Google?

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