[EuroPython] Scheduling call for papers and acceptance of talks

Heimo Laukkanen huima at iki.fi
Wed Feb 23 10:01:19 CET 2005

Hi ya all,

I just had a talk with Paul Everitt about the call for papers and making  
sure that the quality of the presentations will be high. We would like to  
do following on the Zope-track and ask comments/thoughts from others.

   - start spreading the word about dates as soon as possible
   - contact some individuals and companies personally to get their  
commitment on participation and possible talks
   - publish some ideas about schedule structure:
       - ie. talks on 3 CMS:ses ( Plone, Silva, CPS )
       - some off scheduletime activity and networking
   - get as fixed schedule / talklist out as soon as possible

Talk acceptance:
   - have a fixed quite early due time for proposed talks ( end of April? )
   - require the actual presentation to be submitted ( we've been very  
flexible with this previously )
   - revise and improve presentations with authors when/if needed

This is just to make sure that people don't feel too  comfortable on what  
they already know and try to scrap up the presentations an hour before the  
presentation. However the presenters have the possibility to evolve and  
develope the talks before the conference, as long as they have a good talk  
and structure ready by the deadlines.

Any comments?


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