[EuroPython] Things that need doing

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Feb 28 20:02:13 CET 2005


This is a list of things that are getting rather high on the urgency agenda. 
I'd like to send out the announcement that we are accepting talks befiore 

1. All track chairmen need to review and update their entries on the website.

Some of you haven't. You know who you are. Please do it now. We are waiting 
for you!

2. Fix the last bug in the talks registration.

I'm working on this. Should be done in a day or two.

3. Get some real sponsor banners in place instead of the fake ones.

I'll try to find/make a Strakt one. I assume that getting a Chalmers one 
should be easy (jmo or dario?). Other sponsors will be put in as soon as they 
have their materials ready.

4. Publish the website.

jmo. Do we know how this is done? Where does the old site go? Can we link to 

5. Publish that we are accepting talks.


After this urgent phase is over, we need to do some more things:

- Finish the registration forms.

This is my job. I'm learning how right now.

- Make credit card payments work.


- Make a new design for a T-shirt

Last years T-shirt picture had many colours and had to be made as a transfer. 
I would prefer to have a 2-colour print (or possibly 3-colour one). This way 
we can use a screen printing process, which produces a nicer surface (IMHO).

Volunteer to talk to Vincent?

- Instruct track chairmen in the use of the registration system

You can use the system to do a bunch of cool things. You can use the system to 
track email conversations with the speakers. You can handle presentations. 
You can deal with speaker biographies (and track if the speakers have 
registered for the conference).

Best regards



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