[EuroPython] Netintact Sponsorship for EuroPython.

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Sat Jan 29 14:33:01 CET 2005


Thanks for your interest in sponsoring Europython. I hope you will find the 
sponsorship alternatives we provide attractive. We have the same conditions 
for becoming a sponsor as last year. You can find more information at


If you have more questions, or want to discuss planning, please feel free to 
contact me.

Something that may interest you is that we intend to have at least one 
tutorial for Python newbies this year.

Best regards

Jacob Hallén
Europython head organiser

måndag 24 januari 2005 10.42 skrev Tobias Rundström:
> Hello.
> I represent a Swedish product development company that uses a lot of
> Python in our code. For exampel all integration against our product is
> done with Python. This means that we have a lot of customers that get in
> contact with Python. We would like to do something in connection with
> this years EuroPython.
> What are our options for sponsoring and seperate conferance rooms?
> Greetings Tobias

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