[EuroPython] Europython 2005 aftermath

Paul Everitt paul at zope-europe.org
Thu Jul 7 08:46:00 CEST 2005

Hear hear.  I don't think many of us realize how incredibly hard  
Jacob worked, in order that we could show up and have fun.  Thanks,  
Jacob, for the extensive summary this week with the kind words for  


On Jul 7, 2005, at 12:12 AM, Fasih Rehman wrote:

> Hello Jacob,
> Thanks for putting together a wonderful conference this year. I had an
> excellent time, got to meet other people from the community as well
> yourself and the other folks from Strakt. All the best see you next
> year at CERN.
> Fasih
> On 7/6/05, Jacob Hallén <jacob at strakt.com> wrote:
>> Dear Europython attendee,
>> thank you very much for your help in making Europython 2005
>> a success. The number of really interesting talks was higher
>> than ever before, and the arrangements worked about as
>> smoothly as can be expected. It was a lot of fun for us to
>> have you in Göteborg!
>> The web interface to the registration system has been improved,  
>> and there
>> is a main page for accessing all the functionality. This is
>> available at http://www.python-in-business.org/ep2005/.
>> It will later be linked to the Europython website, but due to time
>> constraints this may take a while.
>> If you were a speaker; keynote, regular or lightning; please don't
>> forget to upload your materials so that others can access them.  If
>> you did a lightning talk, you first need to register the talk. When
>> that is done, you can upload materials.
>> If you want to download materials, use the main page mentioned above.
>> This is the only way to access the lightning talks.
>> Next Europython is planned to happen at CERN, near Geneva in
>> Switzerland.  The planned dates are Monday 3 July to Wednesday 5 July
>> 2006. Sprints are planned for 30 June to 2 July and 6 July to 9
>> July. We will most likely be able to arrange a tour of the facilities
>> for active volunteers and the earliest registrants. We will continue
>> to send updates to the address that this one is sent to, unless you
>> ask us to stop. If you have non-attendee friends who are interested,
>> please ask them to subscribe to europython-announce at python.org, to  
>> get
>> the same information.
>> We had a very nice kickoff meeting for planning the next  
>> conference right
>> after the end of EP2005. This is promising, but we still need to find
>> more people who are willing to take on a small part of the work load.
>> We need new track chairs for several tracks and a bunch of people to
>> help out with several aspects of the preparations for the conference.
>> More than 90% of the work is before the conference starts. Subscribe
>> to the mailing list europython at python.org to get involved with the
>> arrangments. This is a very low volume mailing list most of the time.
>> Even if you are not active in the arrangements you are welcome to  
>> lurk
>> and see what is going on behind the scenes.
>> The web interface to the registration system is my first major web
>> application ever. I think it is pretty decent, and most of you seem
>> happy with it according to the feedback forms. I plan to improve it
>> for next year, and I would like to have feedback on how you think I
>> could improve things. I would also like to have some volunteer  
>> testers
>> to test my changes. This would entail spending something like 15-30
>> minutes on trying out things a few times over the next 6 months.
>> Send an email to jacob at strakt.com to respond to either of these  
>> requests.
>> I would like to thanks all our sponsors:
>> Wing, gocept, Pragma 2000, Chalmers, Strakt, Aixtraware, Amaze,
>> Webwitches, Clocksoft, Reportlab, and the Python Software Foundation
>> The track chairs get a collective thanks for keeping the tracks  
>> running
>> so smoothly, and to all the speakers, without whom Europython  
>> would be
>> very boring.
>> Thanks also go to the staff at Chalmers Restaurang, SGS and Elite
>> Park Hotel, who have all been very helpful and service minded. The
>> Strakt staff who manned the reception did so very professionally.
>> Personal thanks go to Vincent for T-shirt design, Dario for handling
>> Chalmers contacts, Jean-Marc for the website, Bea, Paul, Harald and
>> John for their wisdom in the IRC meetings and their moral support,
>> John for the feedback forms as well, Paul and Aistë for the barbeque,
>> Anders for solving the Nevow riddles, Ronny for turning a batch
>> oriented registration system into something that did smooth on-site
>> processing, Mikael for his directions information, Fredrik for the
>> technical setup, Joachim for the credit card interfacing and Laura  
>> for
>> her handling of accomodation, conference dinner and all sorts of
>> personal requests.
>> I'm sure I have missed someone who deserves a special mention. My
>> apologies for that.
>> See you all at Europython 2006
>> Jacob Hallén
>> Former Europython head organiser
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