[EuroPython] Scheduling meeting and scheduling input

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Thu Jun 9 11:31:03 CEST 2005

torsdag 09 juni 2005 08.50 skrev Harald Armin Massa:
> Dear Jacob,
> thank you for proclaiming that schedule! Within the tutorials track, we
> have the following talk schedule agreement:
> 1) we will start with an "KickStart Workshop / Seminar". This will be
> together with Social Skills; there will be a very empowering seminar on
> persuading people and selling ideas. Speakers within the "Tutorials" track
> are guests of honour / VIPs in that seminar. [astrid]
Is this in the registry of talks?

> 2) "the Guido": "why I invented python"

I'm fairly certain this is not in the registry of talks?
> 3) "taste python: say hello world" Get it started, how to get the first
> Python Skripts [Rob and Michele, scheduled for a "standard classroom type"]

I don't think this is in the registry either.

> 4) Batteries Included: a talkt about the Python Standard Library [brian]
> 5) Excel gets tamed by the Python: A demonstration how Python can be the
> REAL Excel makro language [Guy Dalberto]
> 6) Decimal - one of the new powerfull cells within the batteries that are
> included. [facundo]
> 7) Python glues the AS/400 - how Python can really empower that SME-Machine
> [Johan @pulp.se <http://pulp.se/>]
> 8) Cherry Py[Remi]
> 9) Python and Databases: an introduction to SQL Object [Ian]

Ian Bicking has cancelled his participation.

> 10) Test the Best: Introduction to regression testing using TextTest [
> geoff.bache]
> 11) Paint the GUI: GUI programming in Python using Gtk+ [johan at gnome]
> The first two talks are really HARD positioned there, and especially the
> first talk needs a
> cross scheduling with social skills.
> What do I have to do to make this scheduling possible?

First of all, you need to register the talks that are not in the current 
schedule. Then we can plan how to change things around so we can fit the 
track nicely. This will probably mean getting a bit more time in room VV.



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