[EuroPython] room equipment

Volker Gietz gietz at s.netic.de
Mon Jun 20 09:09:12 CEST 2005


I will be giving the "ItsATree" talk at Europython and was assigned room VR.
Now, I have already read that there will be a dual-boot machine that I can show
the slides with. I would like to use an USB stick and a USB mouse (under Linux)
for the presentation. Is that OK?

Also, to run my application I need OSS support for a C extension module of mine.
So to prepare a shared object, I should know the exact version of Python and the
type of machine architecture (for plug'n'pray :)). This part is short and
therefore optional - yet nice to have...

Anyway, as a backup there is still my old and rusty 266 MHz laptop :-)

Volker Gietz

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