[EuroPython] Sponsorship / brochure for bags?

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at wingware.com
Mon Jun 20 17:20:15 CEST 2005


I emailed last week and got sponsorship info from Dario Lopez-Kaesten, who 
responded to my original request.  I see from the materials he sent that 
we're late but I also don't see the program up on the website yet so am 
hoping we can still do:

1) The Advertiser level of sponsorship (ad on website and program).
    Is it still possible?

2) Distribute leaflets on the registration desk or in bags if you have them.
    How much would this cost to add to the above, if anything?  Also, I
    inferred from Dario's reply that you don't have attendee bags -- is that

Also, I would like to offer giving away licenses for Wing IDE Pro if this 
would be of interest.  I think it was Jacob Hallen that asked us about this 
in a past year and we say "yes" but the drawing was never done. We would 
give the 3 OS license, which is normally $395 (and we can give away up to 3 
of those).

If a drawing is possible, the most effective for us (and any other donors 
of merchandise) would be to announce it at the start, have people put 
name/contact in a box, then do a drawing and announce winner later in 
conference.  This is more work than just picking from attendee list but 
gets us more exposure and the winner are more likely to actually want the 
license.  If doing a drawing like this not possible, we could also just go 
w/ announcing winners chosen from the list of all attendees.

Since we're not going to be at the conference, the drawing would have to be 
run by a volunteer and so should probably also cost us some extra money if 
it's done as a drawing.  The question is of course -- is this possible, 
and if so how much money should we add to our sponsorship?

Thanks for the info, and sorry for being late on this.

- Stephan

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