[EuroPython] Sponsorship / brochure for bags?

Dario Lopez-Kästen dario at ita.chalmers.se
Wed Jun 22 08:41:12 CEST 2005

Stephan Deibel wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, [ISO-8859-1] Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
>> I think that a drawing is definitely possible. I can 't say about the 
>> cost, we are having a meeting tomorrow afternoon, and I'll bring that 
>> up  for decision by then. I will of course try to get a reply sooner.
> Just wondering if this was discussed at the meeting?

I discussed this with Jacob erlier and we agreeed we should do it, we 
did not discuss the cost other than in general terms, but we did agree 
on being reasonable about it.

Do you have any special requirements/instructions for the drawing procedure?

> Also, I do have a leaflet made up in case we can distribute one at the 
> registration desk.  I would need address where it can be express shipped 
> and number of attendees expected.

Yes, send it to:

Dario Lopez-Kästen
Chalmers University of Technology
IT Systems & Services
Matematiskt Centrum Hus 5 (ITA)
SE-41296 Göteborg

Also important:

Please send me a PDF with print quality resolution.

Friday is a holiday in sweden which means that probably half of Thursday 
will not be working day, so transports may not be able to arrive in 
time. Also I am away from Thursday morning and will notbe back until 
Sunday night.

If, for whatever reason the leaflets have not arrived by Monday morning, 
at least I can print some on our printer (Black and White only, 
unfortunately, but still) to have ready for when the first attendees 
arrive for registration.

> Thanks!
> - Stephan



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