[EuroPython] Talks about Scrum by people from Agile alliance - which track / who would be interested

Heimo Laukkanen huima at iki.fi
Mon Mar 7 23:16:00 CET 2005

Hi ya all and greetings from Amsterdam,

I'm just participating in scrum-training here in Amsterdam, and happened  
to mention our instructor Joseph Pelrine about the conference - and  
whether he or anyone else would be interested to do talk there.

We got into discussion about how people in Pyrhon world already are into  
the agile methods like XP and understand the values of being flexible and  
getting to the point, and eventually agreed that there really could be  
interest on both of the sides ( people who do scrum training and us  
pythoneers ) to have talks about this methodology on Europython.

For people doing business with teaching and consultation the opportunity  
is naturally to get their message to new audience and get new potential  
clients with a gig like that, for us it could be a valuable lesson to hear  
about this methodology from people who have run large and small succesfull  
projects with it and have actually more to say than just what they read  
 from a book.

What do others think? Is this something that would fit the scope of  
Europython and what track would be the best to have this kind of talks?  
What if they get so interested that they would like to run a half a day /  
day track of agile methodologies?

Any thoughts?


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