[EuroPython] registered presentation disappeared

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon May 2 18:00:42 CEST 2005

On måndag 02 maj 2005 17:25, Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
> Hi!
> My talk submission on EP disappeared (or rather was replaced by another
> presentation)
> it had the following ID: 1762 (now it shows Tarek's presentation instead)
> I have just entered it again now it is registered under the id 2392

ID 1762 has a total of 5 speakers, including you, registered. The list of all 
talks just shows one of the speakers.

The short description and list of speakers for the presentation was changed 
05/04/21 11:32:36 by someone through the web interface.

This is of course the consequences of doing things in a log-in free 
environment. While there is support for password protection in the 
registration server, I wanted to see how things turned out if we kept things 
very simple and easy to use.


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