[EuroPython] Talk registration improvement and extending talk submission

Jacob Hallen jacob at strakt.com
Wed May 4 19:45:36 CEST 2005

onsdag 04 maj 2005 18.54 skrev Harald Armin Massa:
> + 1 on both suggestions
> lets take the 10th and write it on the WebSite

I'm afraid the 10th will be too late. We can't really move the 
early-bird/accomodation deadline,and people should have the possibility to 
see the approved list of talks before then. This means that the list of talks 
need to go public no later than the 11th.The track chairs need a couple of 
days to examine the talks and say if there are any that should be dropped or 

I guess we could cut a day out of this time, and make the 8th the deadline for 


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