[EuroPython] Talk on RUR-PLE

André Roberge andre.roberge at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon May 16 03:28:06 CEST 2005

Dear Laura Creighton and other Europython organisers,

I am sending this message as a follow-up to a message
received from Laura Creighton, and reproduced below. 
I have replied to the original message, and sent a further
follow-up, but haven't received anything in return. 
I do realise that conferences such as these rely heavily on the
work of busy volunteers, and would not want to have this message
to be construed as a negative criticism.
Note that I have decided to send this message from a different address 
than the one
(andre.roberge at gmail.com) which was used to reach me originally,
as I have nagging doubts about whether messages sent from my
gmail account are getting through.

I have entered the proposed description of my talk on the Europython
website.  Although I indicated a proposed length of 90 minutes, I could
easily shorten my talk if desired.   Note that I have not (yet) 
registered for
the conference.

Due to my work, I will be travelling elsewhere in Canada during the
week of June 5-12, and I am scheduled to be in Austria from
June 17 until June 24 (tentative dates).

Because of my work committments, I would really like to have
everything set up for Europython before June 1. 

Yours sincerely,

(Dr.)  André  (Roberge)

On 5/9/05, Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> wrote:
 > The Europython organisers would like to commission a talk on
 > RUR-PLE  in the education track at Europython.  see: 
 > for details on Europython, held the end of next month.  We will pay your
 > airfaire and hotel if you will come and speak with us.
 > Are you interested?
 > Laura Creighton

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