[EuroPython] Payment (Invoice), Payment code: 000679

"Christian Köhler (cm-applications)" koehler at cm-applications.de
Wed May 18 12:15:03 CEST 2005


as I am not familiar with international bank transactions, I was 
wondering if my money received you, since my payment status still is 

Invoice Information:
Date: 2005-05-12  	
Currency: Euro  	
Payment code: 000679  	
Invoice number: 67
Total:  160.00
Payment status:  Pending

I transfered the money on the 12th. Due to a mistake in the bank, they 
forgot to charge the banking fees to my account. So they made a second 
transfer (5 € I think) some minutes later to provide you with the full 
sum. Sorry for the hassle.

If the money received you all right: please ignore this mail. If not: 
please send me a short message so I can check back with the bank.


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