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Subject: Re: [EuroPython] late submissins to "business track" and 
"framework track"
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 09:22:35 +0100
From: André Deparade <andre.deparade at gmx.de>
To: Europython.john at clocksoft.com
References: <428735DA.6090708 at gmx.de> <4289D54A.2010604 at egenix.com>

Dear Mr. Pinner!

Just in case this mail has not been forwarded to you, I kindly ask for a
feedback on this issue:

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
> André Deparade wrote:
>> Dear Europython-Organisers!
>> Due to a busy schedule I missed the deadline for proposing talks. 
>> Nevertheless I filled in the "propose a talk"-form for the framework 
>> track and business track. I can give one talk on a current project. 
>> Depending on the main aspects it fits better to the business or 
>> framework track.
>> After finishing I have noticed that both proposed talks are listed in 
>> the "approved talks" pages. I think this could be a bug.
> The frameworks track is pretty much full - we are trying to
> get most registered talks into the track, but we cannot take
> additional talks.
> Perhaps you could talk to John Pinner, whos the track chair of
> the business track ?!
>> Could you please provide me some feedback on this issue?

kind regards,
André Deparade

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