[EuroPython] Posters next year?

Magnus Lycka magnus at thinkware.se
Sun Oct 2 01:04:07 CEST 2005

When I've sneaked in on conferences full of scientists
(I'm married to one) they've usually had an area where
you can put up posters, and at certain times, people
stand by their poster and answer questions etc.

The poster is usually fairly big, A0 size I guess, i.e.
1 m2, and should be readable from at leat 2 m distance. 
I realize that some people don't have access to a plotter
or printer that handles A0 paper, but tape and glue will
help in that case. :) Just like talks, posters would be
available in the program with an abstract.

This is another means of communcation than holding a
presentation. It's maybe not less work to prepare
a good poster than to prepare a good talk, but I'm
sure it's less intimidating for some people, and the
posters have the big advantage that they can be
observed at any time during the whole conference,
not just in one particular half hour when you'd like
to watch another presentation as well.

It also means that you can present texts that are
slightly longer than the ones that fit in presentation

Would this be a useful thing to consider? I think it
fits with the CERN setting...

/Magnus Lyckå

Magnus Lyckå, Thinkware AB
http://www.thinkware.se/  mailto:magnus at thinkware.se

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