[EuroPython] Posters next year?

Benedikt Hegner benedikt.hegner at cern.ch
Sun Oct 2 17:46:32 CEST 2005

we at CERN had a discussion about proposing a poster session next  
year and personally I like the idea. The only problem - most of the  
people have no experience in making a poster and It is quite  
different from holding a presentation. Nevertheless +1 :-)

by the way:
there was the idea of making a conference poster (like for other  
science conferences). It could be printed by our printing service and  
then distributed...


On 02.10.2005, at 01:04, Magnus Lycka wrote:

> When I've sneaked in on conferences full of scientists
> (I'm married to one) they've usually had an area where
> you can put up posters, and at certain times, people
> stand by their poster and answer questions etc.
> The poster is usually fairly big, A0 size I guess, i.e.
> 1 m2, and should be readable from at leat 2 m distance.
> I realize that some people don't have access to a plotter
> or printer that handles A0 paper, but tape and glue will
> help in that case. :) Just like talks, posters would be
> available in the program with an abstract.
> This is another means of communcation than holding a
> presentation. It's maybe not less work to prepare
> a good poster than to prepare a good talk, but I'm
> sure it's less intimidating for some people, and the
> posters have the big advantage that they can be
> observed at any time during the whole conference,
> not just in one particular half hour when you'd like
> to watch another presentation as well.
> It also means that you can present texts that are
> slightly longer than the ones that fit in presentation
> slides.
> Would this be a useful thing to consider? I think it
> fits with the CERN setting...
> /Magnus Lyckå
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