[EuroPython] knock, knock!

Michael Sparks zathras at thwackety.com
Sat Oct 8 00:34:12 CEST 2005

On Friday 07 October 2005 22:30, Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> which would be fun.

Friday night silly idea: 
   * What about the idea of a "Fun Track" ?

I write code because I find it fun. I work in software related work, because
luckily the two can co-incide, but the fact remains I find coding *FUN*. I 
fought to get our stuff released to the outside world, for all the reasons I 
argued internally, but also because we're having fun with our stuff, and it's 
nice to share the toys around. I also know if I had limbs chopped off it 
wouldn't stop me writing code. It's FUN. :-)

Some people don't understand the concept of "what do you do for a living" "I 
write code", followed by "What do you do for fun" "I write code" as being a 
valid answer. If however you answered "I'm an artist" they wouldn't find the 
idea of painting being fun odd. Having a FUN track ( or theme?) might help 
towards changing that.

EuroPython, *ESPECIALLY* lightning talks is about the infectious fun of
python, coding and related things to me. After all, my lightning talk last
year was about something I'd done for >>fun<<. It was probably mad, but
that's not the point :-)

I think I'm indebted though on some level to Armin for showing me
how presentations on stuff should be done - now they're fun all by
themselves :-)

I suppose games come under the fun category too ;-)


(Proposing random tracks, not so they get set up, but as the email equivalent 
of brainstorming the purpose of tracks)

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