[EuroPython] last and next meeting

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Thu Apr 27 15:07:39 CEST 2006

On Tuesday evening, we had an hour long discussion about matters

We talked about keynote speakers, which seems to have sorted itself
out and I just sent a mail about.

We talked about registration issues.  There are apparently some
political issues at CERN about this:( Joachim and Benedikt are the
people here.  Benedikt has been unwell, but is now better (hooray!)
and they both have some time in the next few days to work on this.
Michael proposed a deadline of May 15 for getting registration open.

We need to decide fees, and publish them on the website.  I believe
the most recent suggestion was in this mail:


are we still happy with those amounts?

We talked about bank accounts.  There was consensus that using the
bank account we used last year, which is in Sweden but in Euros was
the sanest approach.  I don't know if things need to be done so that
Benedikt can access the account, and there were questions about how to
handle tax issues.

We talked about sponsorship.  Harald posted to the list something like
the arrangements used last year.  Michael said that he'd figured out
the website side of sponsorship, at least for the europython.org side
of things.  We need someone to go chasing companies for sponsorship.

And then it was an hour an people had to go.

I'd like to propose a meeting for next Tuesday May 2, possibly an hour
earlier, so 5 pm central european summer time, 4pm uk summer time, 3pm

I won't be there, I'll be somewhere like here instead:

I really hope activity doesn't grind to a halt while I'm away.


  If we can only figure out a way to transform the key signing party
  into a drinking game, I think we'd get a much higher level of
  participation.                                       -- Barry Warsaw

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