[EuroPython] Ruby & Python Conference 2007

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Dec 8 20:33:47 CET 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 10:58, Katarzyna Bylec wrote:
> we are a group of students from University of Poznan, Poland where the RuPy
> Conference of Ruby and Python organized by us will be held in April 14-15,
> 2007. The idea behind the conference is to try to animate central- and
> east-european Python and Ruby communities. We would like to put together
> Python & Ruby experts with young programmers and to support a good
> communication channel for East-West exchange of prospective ideas.

It sounds like an interesting plan, and I note that some people in the Python 
community have already publicised it somewhat, some even stating that they 
will be attending.

> Since we can see relation between the idea of EuroPython and the purpose of
> RuPy we would like to ask you as a experienced organizers to offer us some
> help. We are still looking for speakers for our conference, therefore we
> would be grateful if you could point us some communication channels through
> which we would be able to convince people to present their Ruby and Python
> related ideas in Poznan next year. Perhaps you could also popularize the
> idea of RuPy among your friends and Python colleagues, especially among
> those who have some ideas they want to introduce to wider audience.

What you could do is to contact the python.org webmaster and try and get the 
conference mentioned in the news section, particularly as the deadlines 
approach. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for a mention: other 
conferences such as OSDC aren't Python-specific, and at least yours has 
Python in the name. ;-)

I see that the Python events page has RuPy already mentioned:


Another avenue, perhaps taken already, is that of getting Ron Stephens to 
mention RuPy in his Python411 podcast. I'm sure he wouldn't mind mentioning 
it again, even some time in advance: his latest podcast was about PyCon, and 
that's at the end of February.


P.S. I haven't said it already, but perhaps now is as good a time as any to 
say thank you once again to the organisers of EuroPython 2006 at CERN. I'm 
particularly impressed that a high number of presenters were persuaded to 
upload their talks, and I hope that as the Web site is updated for 2007 we 
don't obscure or restrict the availability of those talks.

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