[EuroPython] europython meeting summary 2006-02-13

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Feb 13 18:55:40 CET 2006

These are sort-of minutes for the EuroPython organization sort-of
meeting that happened in the #europython channel today (2006-02-13).

The next meeting will be a week today, the 20th of Feb. at 11AM
CET. <- please note earlier time!

We could do with someone to prepare, moderate and minute the meeting
as I am unlikely to have time to do it myself.

As the meeting was not that well attended, I'd be interested in your
opinions on any of the topics discussed.  Especially the budget.

Minutes of EuroPython meeting 2006-02-13

Time & Location: #europython 13th Feb 2006, 5:00pm-6:15pm CET 

Attendees: Michael Hudson, Holger Krekel, Benedikt Hegner, Joachim
           Schmitz, Michael Sparks.

* Call for papers preparation.

  http://wiki.python.org/moin/EuroPython/2006/TrackDescriptions now
  contains descriptions for most of the tracks we're going to have at
  EP2006.  Assuming it's finished in the next few days, Michael H
  promised to write a draft Call For Papers by the end of the week.
  He also agreed to draft a more general conference announcement.

* Website stuff

  It seems there has been a de-facto decision made to use CERN's
  indico software.

  The instance at http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=44
  is currently in "private" mode.  If you want to look at/help out
  with it, please create an account at the page you get when you visit
  the above link and let me or Benedikt know the account name.

  There were further, mostly unanswered questions about the website:
  do we want an additional "PR/pretty" website?  Do we want to point
  europython.org to the indico site?  Who controls europython.org

* The Games^WHacks and fun^W^W^WMichael Sparks track

  Currently Michael Sparks is listed as chairing a "Games" track.  He
  asked for opinions on changing the title of the track to "games,
  cool hacks and other fun stuff".  There was concern that this seemed
  too broad, and in particular is very similar to the "Misfits" track.
  Michael said he'd "have a ponder and try and come up with something
  less wide ranging".

* Budget

  The only written down plans for the budget so far were in this mail:


  Michael H observed that he thought there was consensus to not give
  speakers so much of a discount.  There was some discussion about
  whether they should have a discount at all, and I think the eventual
  plan was to give them a small discount.

  As far as I know, the consensus was for this price structure:

              Early Bird     Normal      On the door
    Speakers    120            120       please no :)
    Students     65            100         150
    Normal      120            190         240

  but I admit to not being completely sure.  This should be talked
  about on the mailing list.

* Timeline

  A month or so back the following timeline was proposed:

      15th February  Call for Proposals 
      March          Opening online Registration (Payment issue pending!) 
      31st March     Deadline for proposal submissions
      30th April     Prelininary Program with accepted talks 
      19th May       Closing Early Bird registration 

  There was consensus that this still seemed reasonable, modulo the
  fact that the call for papers is not going to be out by Wednesday
  (but hopefully not that long after_.

* Payment Processing

  Joachim agreed to look at integrating worldpay payment into Indico.
  Benedikt pointed him at the source.

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