[EuroPython] europython meeting summary 2006-02-13

Michael Sparks Michael.Sparks at bbc.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 12:39:43 CET 2006

On Mon 2/13/2006 5:55 PM, Michael Hudson wrote
> * The Games^WHacks and fun^W^W^WMichael Sparks track
>   Michael said he'd "have a ponder and try and come up with something
>   less wide ranging".

I came up with "Games and Entertainment" instead, which better covers
the area. I've put up a track description, any criticism/suggestions
welcome. I think the description/name now better describes what I
meant should be in the track.

> * Budget
>   As far as I know, the consensus was for this price structure:
>               Early Bird     Normal      On the door
>     Speakers    120            120       please no :)
>     Students     65            100         150
>     Normal      120            190         240
>  but I admit to not being completely sure.  This should be talked
>  about on the mailing list.

I think my only comment here echoes what I said in the meeting which is
that if the discount for early bird was the same, and the premium on the
door is the same, then it's somewhat simpler to describe (I'm thinking
of leaflets at python meets in London & Manchester for example).

Whether it's a percentage or a raw amount is moot. (The structure above
looks like 35% discount for early bird, and 50 Euro premium for on the


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