[EuroPython] website

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Mon Feb 20 12:31:18 CET 2006

In the EuroPython meeting this morning, we talked quite a bit about
the website story.  As has been mentioned before, we're going to use
CERN's indico software for the actual conference bits, but indico is
no general web server and so we need something else to hold press
releases, interviews, perhaps travel and other general information and
so on, and probably have this site be what the visitor sees at

For one reason and another, it would be nice to not totally bin what
is currently at http://www.europython.org/ and instead archive the
2005 version somewhere and use the existing set up and look and feel
to present this year's information.  This, however, requires someone
who knows about CPS.  While I was writing this mail I talked to
Stefane Fermigier on #europython and he said he'd be willing to help
with this, but it seems worth posting the mail anyway.  So: does this
sound like a reasonable plan to you?  Are you willing/able to help?


  at any rate, I'm satisfied that not only do they know which end of
  the pointy thing to hold, but where to poke it for maximum effect.
                                  -- Eric The Read, asr, on google.com

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