[EuroPython] Site europython 2006

Jean-Marc Orliaguet jmo at ita.chalmers.se
Mon Jan 9 18:42:52 CET 2006

>jan 09 17:42:37 Aiste	mwh: who was responsible for webpage and other related things in the last conf?
>jan 09 17:42:38 *	dlk agrees with aiset - this is a hot topic  :-) 
>jan 09 17:42:52 Aiste	and who is interested in doing it this year?
>jan 09 17:42:56 dlk	Aiste:  it was jean-marc.
>jan 09 17:42:56 mwh	Aiste: i think jacob and laura did almost all of it
>jan 09 17:43:01 Aiste  :) 
>jan 09 17:43:03 mwh	content-wise, that is
>jan 09 17:43:10 dlk	we switched from Plone to CPS because no-one was happy with plone.
>jan 09 17:43:16 Aiste	content is somewhat separate from solution
>jan 09 17:43:27 pedronis	Bene: in what it is written?
>jan 09 17:43:32 dlk	and b fore that we swithced from something else to plone because none was happy with what was avialble then.
>jan 09 17:43:47 Aiste	ok, same situation this year as I can see
>jan 09 17:43:53 zopepaul	dlk: too bad the system won't write the words on the pages, as that's the real problem  :) 
>jan 09 17:43:54 Aiste	can we move the disscussion to mailing list
>jan 09 17:44:04 hpk	+1


As far as I can tell, the solution was a bit complex last year in that 3 
different solutions were involved:

- Strakt's own system for the registration to the conference, schedule 
planning and authors' bio and articles 
- CPS for the site content, information about the conference 
- The wiki on python.org for user contributions (sprints, 


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